Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Another day, another year

Today I am 41 years old. How the heck did that happen - yesterday I was 20!

Hubby left me a gift this morning.

He got me a new journal (although I haven't yet started using the journal he got me for Valentine's day), 2 pens, a candle set and a 4 Gig USB flash drive. He did pretty well - I wanted and will use all of these things.

Yesterday was our 1 yr anniversary in this house. Time really does go by quickly. It doesn't seem that long ago that we moved in and the list of stuff we have to do to the house is still a mile long.

An update on Peanut - she learned to get out of the Rubbermaid container at night, so I started leaving her in her crate. She did very well and didn't cry. However, I don't think she cares for that much, she has started messing in her crate during the day again. Several times per day. It's almost as if she had never trained. I think it is her way of getting back at me. Oh well.

Here are some cute pictures of Peanut. One day I will get tired of taking her picture. Until then please bear with me.

Trying to steal Kodi's bone but she can't lift it.
They aren't really biting each other.She did the dog paddle when held in the fountain

In totally different news, I reconnected with an old friend L via Facebook yesterday. Actually, she found me. We had been friends between the ages of 15 to 19. We lost track of each other after I moved away. It is really cool to hear what people are doing now and to reminisce about all the times we had back then.

L and I used to go to the Terrace - a roller rink in downtown Toronto. We used to go to a local bar while still under-age. The bartender knew us well and apologized the first time he carded me and then found that I had only just turned 19 that week - we had been going there for a couple years.

We were bold and unafraid.
We were going to do something wonderful
with our lives and leave our mark.
We were going to set the world on fire.

Oh to be young again :)


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Happy Birthday Kim. Nice gifts hubby got ya. Thanks for posting pictures of Peanut - she is so cute.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Happy Birthday Kim, and keep those Peanut pictures coming, he is such a cutie!!


Melody said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad we stumbled across each other over the past year. I hope your next year is a full of joy and peace.

Kim said...

Thank you all for the well wishes!

I am so glad I've met you all :)

Internet friends are great!