Thursday, 14 August 2008

Been a long time

I apologize about not blogging for so long. But as I mentioned, I got a new puppy. I have done this before - get a new puppy, but I think it is like giving birth, once it is over, you forget all the pain....until the next time.

I asked my DH to buy her a stuffy to cuddle - this is what he got.
It is twice her size! She still mauls it and falls asleep on it regularly.

Actually, I think having a real baby might have been easier, I mean I would still have to get up at 2am, but wouldn't have to cart a newborn into the rain soaked backyard in my jammies to do its business. And eventually with a child, they grow up and you can make them do stuff, like take out the garbage or grab you a pop. Can't get a dog to do those things. However, a dog doesn't talk back as often and you can leave them at home easier.

Dinner time

Trying to hide in the grass

So Peanut is sleeping through the night...if I sleep with the guest bed. Not a good solution.
Last night we put her in a large Rubbermaid tote (no lid - I'm not cruel) next to J's bed. She slept until 4am and then when J put his hand in to pet her back to sleep, she decided she would rather play with him. So again I ended up in the guest bed with her. We will get through this eventually. She has a crate that she sleeps in during the day no problem. But I think Kodi keeps her awake at night so she doesn't like to sleep there then. Once she is house trained I will let her sleep with J in his bed.

Cuddling with J on the couch

Asleep in a box in my office

I have managed (while she naps) to get a bit of sewing done. The 2nd baby quilt top is finished. Now I have to sandwich it and start the actual quilting of it. I have a week and a half until the baby shower.

I was at a family BBQ this weekend and my sister H mentioned that she and some of her co-workers at Telus read my blog occasionally.

So hey you guys why aren't you commenting?

Start commenting or I will tell your boss that you are surfing the net during work hours - cause you know I have never done that :D

In other news, one of my son's fish had babies AGAIN! We caught 24! this time. Did I mention the male fish died about a month ago? Did I also mention that the female saves the sperm to fertilize herself? Ya...both females still look pregnant so I wouldn't be surprised if we find more someday soon. I have no idea what we are going to do with them all. We now have approx. 40 fry, 14 that are about 3 weeks old, and 24 that are a few days old.

You can see the size difference here

And here - getting crowded in there!

That's all I have for now - I hope it won't be so long until my next post - who knew puppies could be so much work....oh ya I did. DUH.


Joan said...

Thanks for reaffirming what I've been saying since our beloved Lucy left us (14 yrs old) -- no more dogs, especially not puppies! I just don't have it in me anymore to go through all the training! I know it's all worth it in the end, because dogs and kids are just a natural combo -- but I'll sit on the sidelines and watch you go through it rather than me! LOL Good luck! Cute puppy!

Gill - That British Woman said...

You have just got the cutest puppy ever....I just want to cuddle him....