Saturday, 27 September 2008


The boys went hunting (ducks, geese or something else that flies…I don’t know) this morning and so we all had to get up at 4 freakin 45 AM!

Dh woke me and I went and woke the kid before taking Peanut out…cause now that she is awake…she has to go Now, Now, Now, Now (picture little tap-dancing puppy here).

Kiddo gets up with no problem, unlike school days where it takes anywhere from 15-20 minutes of me screaming for him to crawl out of bed. From now on, I’m going to wake him at 4:45 AM and tell him he’s going hunting with his Dad. By the time he realizes I’m lying, he’ll be awake.

I make the kid toast and they are off. I grab the now wide awake Peanut and cuddle up on the couch with her to go back to sleep.

And after about 10 minutes of listening to her not-so-quietly snore in my ear, I realize I can’t sleep.

And so I begin composing this post in my head. Don’t you wish you could get thoughts to auto write somewhere? It would save so much time. Not to mention, I would be a best selling author by now too.

Not all thoughts, though, cause there are plenty of mine that have no business being in print…I get enough weird looks as it is. But I digress….again.

So then I decide I am just not comfortable on the couch. I pop Peanut into her crate and head back upstairs to climb into my nice big empty queen sized bed. I climb in on his side (cause I can) and luxuriate in the cool crispness of the sheets.

It is warm in the room because I closed the window last night because the neighbours where having one last noisy party and I knew I had to get up at stupid O’clock!

Once I warm up his side of the bed, I move over to the coolness on my side. And realize I still can’t sleep.

I used to get up early when I was working. Usually around 5:15-5:30 AM (depending on how many times I hit snooze). I am not looking forward to doing that again.

So here I am jabbering at 6 AM while I should still be dreaming about Keanu Reeves or something.

Men and their stupid hunting! (originally I wrote "Stupid men and their hunting", I'm not sure which is more applicable)

P.S. And I know when they get back, DH will go take a nap. I think that is when I will reorganize the pots & pans cupboard :)

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