Monday, 1 September 2008

MIA - I apologize

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Life once again got in the way of my blogging :) Me and mine are fine - thanks for asking.

Ok this will be a huge catch-up post.

First off - last Sunday I attended my nephew's fiance's baby shower. However, my camera battery died on me and I continued to take pictures with my sister H's camera. She has not yet uploaded the photos. Get on it H! Of course it died before she opened the quilt I made, that is one of the pics I am waiting to get from my sister. Here is what I captured before the battery died.

Baby tree - we played a memory game of what was on the tree.
Baby cakeDiaper cake that my sister (the grandma) made.And a 2nd diaper cake she madeThe Mom to be.Gift table

My son's fish have YET AGAIN had babies - 10 more this time. We have moved all the fry into a 2nd tank we have. If they all live, we will have to take some to the pet store. There is no way we can keep them all (approx. 50 now). I am thinking to take the two original females back to the store as they STILL look pregnant. I did mention that the male died at the beginning of the summer, right?

On Friday, my niece Sandra had her baby girl Samantha. Samantha is 7lbs. Both Mom & babe are doing fine.

Saturday we did our annual trek to the Canadian National Exhibition (The EX). We left home at 10am, arrived at 12 noon, after hours of rides (J & his friend), tons of junk food (poutine, corn dogs & ice cream) and lots and lots of walking, we caught the 8pm train home, and arrived home extremely tired at 9:30pm. My friend L came over and cared for Peanut through out the day for me.
J's favorite ride
Calm on the way up
Then as they reach the bottom after a 2 second free fall
They are somewhere on this crazy contraption

Yesterday was filled with getting last minute school supplies. YES! Only one day to go till J goes back to school. I am totally looking forward to some quiet time alone (until I get back to work).

And of course I can't have a post without adding puppy pics. Here we have Kodi & Peanut fighting over Kodi's new blankie (Peanut has several of her own, but wants his).

And somehow Peanut got a hold of my camera and took some pics of herself.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

every time I see Peanut I falling in love with him/her even more.......keep posting those Peanut photo's