Monday, 8 September 2008

Mini catch-up

My husband is in Orlando Florida this week on business training. He left here Sunday morning at 7am. We have talked to him twice so far and it sounds like he is having way too much fun for training :)

The hotel he is in is supposedly amazing. They are provided 3 great meals each day with their training. He and co-workers have been going swimming each evening in a saltwater pool - he never wants to go swimming while home.

Wednesday & Thursday evenings they are being provided with shuttle buses to take them to Disney dowtown (shopping area) and/or Paramount Studios. Sounds like hard work doesn't it?

My son and I don't yet have our passports, or we could have gone with him and checked out Disney land while he was in class each day.

He thinks there will me more training next fall, but we are not sure where it will be yet.

So it is just J, the dogs and I home alone (oh ya and Papa in the basement).

I am trying to get motivated and get some much needed house cleaning, decluttering and even some sewing done.

I am being lazy - I have books I am reading from the library and I am addicted to Runescape (online roll playing game my son got me hooked on) and can spend hours playing without noticing.

Ah well the house will get cleaned eventually - if hubby can have a vacation, then so can I :)

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Melody said...

Too bad you couldn't join him. Downtown Disney is not shopping, very little shopping actually. Mostly restaurants and bars - dancing and drinking in the street. Quite fun actually.