Thursday, 4 September 2008

More pictures

J's first day of grade 6
Peanut's Halloween outfit - I love Dollarama!
I think it was supposed to be for a teddy bear
Her new fall outfit
She seems a little too happy in this one to
me - looks a lil demonic doncha think?
I bought Peanut an extra long leash for the backyard,
because we do not have a gate, and I don't want her getting out.
Instead of running wild, she decided to just eat it and tangle herself up.

Do you come here often?Ah ya ...that's the spot
Skooch just a lil closer so I can bite you
At one point she actually got his ear and pulled it into her crate
Hey buddy, talka me buddy...

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Gill - That British Woman said...

I fall in love with those dogs of yours more and more every time I visit you. I think we or should I say I will give it more serious thought about getting another doggy when we get back from vacation.