Friday, 5 September 2008

The Walk to End Breast Cancer Bra

Updated with new photo.

Ya try saying that 10 times fast.

My sister reminded me 2! days ago that we had bought her a pink bra several months ago that I was to decorate for her to wear while she walked the 60K for the Walk to End Breast Cancer.

Well with all the new babies and quilts, I totally forgot. Until she reminded me....2 days ago!

So I had to find it first, and then tackle getting it done.

Here is the before picture. (Notice the date stamp of Feb 17th - nothing like procrastinating huh?)

And here is the after. Not the best ..but I did only have 2 days! (it looks a little odd because she doesn't have to hooked up int he back).

And here is my son being goofy - he called it his thinking cap :)

And here is my sister and her walking partner at the end of the first day (30K) on Saturday.

To answer Gil's question - I am not sure of the route, I think it changes each year - but it is through downtown Toronto. They do 30K Saturday, then have dinner, and entertainment and camp out (yes in a tent) for the night, then begin all over again Sunday (after breakfast) to do the 2nd 30K.

The walk this year raised 13 Million dollars, all towards breast cancer research!

Great job ladies!
(and gents)


Gill - That British Woman said...

so that on the news today, where did they walk from and to? I was only half listening to the news.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Re: Crockpot Cola Roast Beef

Just to let you know the cola is a tenderizer, that is why you can get away with a cheap cut of meat. Also there is no cola or sweet taste what so ever in the gravy.


Waitress from Mensa said...

Kim, You are a really talented craftswoman. The breast cancer bra is worthy of entry into the quilt museum! Or at least the Susan G. Komen Hall of Fame. Congratulations to your sister and her walking partner. BTW, I am also a breast cancer survivor. Your sister is doubly amazing, as she has survived after being affected at an early age.(Survivor chances are much diminished for those who contract BC at a young age, counterintuitive as that might seem.)

Waitress from Mensa said...

Kim, I know you are also a technical editor. Check out my latest post of random editing and formatting comments culled from almost 30 years of technical editor. I'm sure you have some of your own! :)