Friday, 31 October 2008

Giveaway Winner!


Comment #25


Congratulations and good luck on the next giveaway!

This was fun!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Life and stuff

It is getting cooler here (we had snow flurries one day last week!) and in an effort to save money, we are keeping the heat turned down to 19 C (66F). If I feel cool, I put on slippers and a pullover.

Or do what I did yesterday- hop on the treadmill for 10 minutes and I get all warm again and get a bit of exercise to boot! (Only need to do that 5 more times each day!)

I finally bit the bullet! A friend and I joined Weight Watchers last night. Time to get the extra kazillion pounds that have snuck onto my!

OMG was stepping on the scales a reality check!

I have decided to do The Core plan - there is no counting of points (well not much) involved. There is a list of core food that you are to enjoy until you feel satisfied (not full) and then you do get 35 points per week to use on no-core foods (such as bread, alcohol, ice cream).

The main things missing from the core list is flour, sugar and fat (only allowed 2tsps of healthy oils per day). Any thing processed is not on the core list.

Today is offically my first day on program - I'll let you know how things go. Anyone else doing (previously done) Weight watchers? Any tips?

Random question: Can someone tell me why, when technology is advanced enough to fit a camera in the end of a pen, someone can't make broccoli taste like chocolate or fat free cheese at least taste similar to cheese?

On the job front, things are still very scarce. The few jobs that come up that fit my qualifications, are too far to commute to (2 hours one way).

In other news, they finally changed my son's bus driver. So far things are wonderful. The new driver doesn't stop the bus every 2 minutes to scream at the kids and this one actually slows down for speed bumps.

Some Peanut pics to make you smile.

Peanut looking cute in a Rubbermiad container next to my desk.

Peanut - not too sure of her new booties.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Puppies Playing

This is the craziness I live with daily.

For the most part, Peanut bites Kodi's tail as it is the only thing she can get her mouth around.

However, not caught on video, is when Peanut (much to Kodi's surprise) found something else she could bite.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Fall 2008 Giveaway - Handmade Tote Bag


Oh yes it is that time of year again!

It's the Fall 2008 Bloggy Giveaway!

What: The giveaway this time is a handmade (by me) shopping (or library book) tote.

It is 13" wide, 15" deep and the straps are 13" long
(so it fits well over the shoulder)
It is lined with the same fabric.

Close-up of fabric as previous pic doesn't show it well.

Who: This giveaway is open to Canadian & US residents only due to shipping costs.

How: Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me what you are doing (if anything) to save money.

When: Contest open until 10 pm Oct 31st - winner to be chosen and posted by Mon Nov 3rd.

Please remember to either turn your email on in your blog profile, or include you email address in the comment.

You can't win if I can't reach you.

Best of luck and happy Autumn!

For a full list of the HUNDREDS (almost 800 when I last looked!)
of giveaways...pop over to Bloggy Giveaways.

Latest Fabric Finds

This is what I got on my most recent Value Village run.

These 3 will be combined in some type of bag.
I'm thinking to cover the seat of my sewing chair in this tapestry fabric.
I'm thinking totes out of this one.
Shopping bag totes - they are 99 cent pillowcases.
More fun pillow cases to become totes.

I picked up some mini composition books at Dollarama - 4/$1
I think they would look cute covered in fabric.

It still looks kind of plain - I will have to add something to it. Any ideas?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Christmas is only 9 weeks away!

Each year Christmas seems to arrive before I am completely prepared.

This year I hope to get organized early (hope being the key word here).

Every year I plan to make baked goods ahead of time and freeze them - I never do. I'd like to make up goodie baskets for family, friends and teachers.

I have 6 children I buy for (not including my own). Last year I simply got them all gift cards as it is hard to know what to buy for them - I'll probably do the same this year. My in-laws do not go for handmade or practical gifts.

I also have a father in-law with more stuff than he needs, to buy for. Last year I made sure everything I bought him was consumable (teas, chocolates, nuts). This year he is going back to Labrador for the holidays, so I can get away with buying him less. He is not used to celebrating Christmas anyway.

I would also like to have a large family get-together for my side of the family here sometime over the holidays - but there are still a few things around the house that will need to be finished/fixed first (broken tile in dining room) and I even though this house is bigger, I don't have a lot of furniture - will have to figure out seating.

I didn't bother with cards last year - I'm not sure if I will this year or not - not many people I know still exchange cards. Maybe an email newsletter instead.

I bought decorations for this house last year so other than a few more items, I should be pretty set.

We always get a fresh tree a week or two before Christmas, so I don't have to worry about that yet.

Christmas day is always just us (and FIL if here) at home. We don't travel on Christmas. And then usually on Boxing day we host my sister and friends and sometime over the holidays we have DH's family over.

When I was a kid, Christmas was always looked upon with great anticipation - now it has almost become a chore for me. I want that childhood feeling back.

So are you ready for Christmas?

Are you looking forward to it?

Have you bought any gifts yet?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - StumbleUpon

If you haven't heard of it before - StumbleUpon is a website used to discover web sites based on your interests.

When you register (free) you list your interests. You get a nifty lil button added to your toolbar and whenever you want, simply click the Stumble button to be taken to a random website that matches the interests chosen.

I have found so many interesting websites this way.

Check it out - very easy - very cool - works for me!

For most great Works for me Wednesday tips, check out Rocks in my Dryer.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

And we think we have it bad

We have been having issues with my son's school bus driver since last year. She gets mad at the kids and slams on the brakes often.

Two weeks ago this caused J (sitting in the front of the bus) to slam into the partition in front of him, causing a pulled muscle in his neck. He was taken to the Dr the next day, I called the school, the bus company, the company that hires the bus company for the school board and the police.

A friend's daughter was sitting in the back of the bus and was also thrown into the seat in front of her.

It is being investigated and we now have cameras on the bus.

Anyway...that being the back story...we don't have it this bad.

Borrowed from

These vehicles are used in India as transport for school children of lower classes. Parents actually have to pay money for these pickup vans.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

There is a breeze in the air...

I know I have been MIA for awhile. All is fine. I just seem to nest when Autumn comes. I like to sit with a good book and a cup of tea and while away the hours.

Not a lot going on right now. I am still looking for work, or to win the lottery :)

Peanut is doing well (I'll post new pictures soon) as is DS and DH.

Monday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. This year I decided to brine my turkey. I grabbed a simple brine recipe off and brined my 12lb turkey overnight (approx. 12 hours - an hour per pound). I did add about an ounce of brown sugar and 2 tbsps of chopped garlic.

I then cooked it as usual (butter and seasoning basted) and it turned out really really good! Now I don't even like turkey all that much and I definitely like the white meat better, but is always gets too dry - not this time - juicy but not salty, which I was afraid of. I'll make turkeys this way again. Of course we still have 3 days worth of turkey we have to eat.

I got a dozen or so books from the library last week. So I have been busy reading. Here is my view on a few I have finished.

The Alibi - Sandra Brown: Not bad, not great either.

Brida - Paulo Coelho: Don't bother.

Creation in Death - J.D. Robb: 27th in the In Death series. If you have read the previous, you probably like this author (who is really Nora Roberts). I enjoy them.

Happiness - Will Ferguson: I so wanted to like this one. It was really hard to get into but then started getting good around page 70. Then it kind of climaxed and seems like the writer ran out of steam so just wraps it up without and sense.

The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger: I REALLY Liked this book. It was recommended by Melody. I would recommend it.

Pandora's Daughter - Iris Johansen: This one looked promising. I haven't read any of her other books. I don't know if I will now. The plot is so loose and full of holes it isn't funny. I didn't finish this one - I didn't want to waste any more of my time.

Strangers In Death - J. D. Robb: Currently reading this. Murder, suspense, sex and humour - what more could you ask for.

I have 5 others. I'll let you know how they go.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Monday, 6 October 2008

Do you remember?

DH and I were reminiscing last night about candy and treats from our childhood. Our childhood took place during the 70s.

Do you remember:

Lolas: Triangular shaped Popsicle (no stick). I lived on these most summers - they were really big an one would last an hour. I have seen the smalls ones around, but never the large ones.

Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip: Candy stick you licked and dunking into 2 different flavored sugars.

Goldmine Gum: Little drawstring bag of gold coloured nuggets of gum.

Little plastic cups of ice cream that you ate with a little flat wooden spoon that came in a white paper sleeve.

I can't remember the brand -but they were tortilla chips and they came in cheese or chili (not hot) flavor. I loved the chili flavor. Anyone remember these? The brand?

Coke in individual glass bottles with tops that required a bottle opener.

Pop from a freezer chest where you had to put the money in then slide the pop bottle down a row and across the bottom to get out. It had a built in bottle opener on the front of the chest. The one I remember was a Fanta chest.

Popeye candy cigarettes - wonder who thought this was a good idea?

Bottle caps: candy shaped like bottle caps with pop flavors.

BB Bats: Rectangular shaped toffee on a stick.

So do you remember these?

What was your favorite candy from way back when?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My new simplified wardrobe

I went shopping today with my sister. I needed some pants to wear to go walking the pup. It is now too cool for shorts and the only pair of jeans I own are low rise (why do they make these in plus sizes?) and I can't take two steps without having to stop to haul up my drawers!

I have a lot of business clothes and a lot of sit around the house (aka jammie pants) clothes but not a lot of just casual clothes.

First we went to Value village where I got some fabric and a picture - but forgot them in my sister's car so can't take and post photos yet.

So then we went to the fat lady store - and to be honest, this store has some very nice clothes, although a little pricey. I try to only go twice a year because I always come out a couple to a few hundred dollars lighter.

I decided I wanted to buy some yoga pants and a zippered hoodie to walk in. I found what I was looking for, plus a 2nd pair of yoga pants, 2 t-shirts (cause all mine have stains on them - how does that happen?) and some nice comfy panties (comfy meaning not sexy or lacy).

When I got to the checkout, I was told that it was Buy one and get the 2nd 40% off - and I had an odd number of items so I had to (I HAD to honest) get a 2nd hoodie in a great turquoise colour.

Once I got home, I changed into the yoga pants.


These are the most comfortable pants I own. I will wear these all the time! I think I need 3 more pair! They look simply like black pants that are slightly flared at the bottom and not like exercise clothes. I can wear these around the house AND go out in them (unlike jammie pants).

I took Peanut for a walk right away - but it started to rain so we only got as far as the mailbox around the corner.

I am actually looking forward to going out on a brisk fall morning in my yoga pants & hoodie for a nice walk. Maybe I'll put peanut in her new coat too. :)