Tuesday, 21 October 2008

And we think we have it bad

We have been having issues with my son's school bus driver since last year. She gets mad at the kids and slams on the brakes often.

Two weeks ago this caused J (sitting in the front of the bus) to slam into the partition in front of him, causing a pulled muscle in his neck. He was taken to the Dr the next day, I called the school, the bus company, the company that hires the bus company for the school board and the police.

A friend's daughter was sitting in the back of the bus and was also thrown into the seat in front of her.

It is being investigated and we now have cameras on the bus.

Anyway...that being the back story...we don't have it this bad.

Borrowed from funtim.com:

These vehicles are used in India as transport for school children of lower classes. Parents actually have to pay money for these pickup vans.

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