Thursday, 23 October 2008

Christmas is only 9 weeks away!

Each year Christmas seems to arrive before I am completely prepared.

This year I hope to get organized early (hope being the key word here).

Every year I plan to make baked goods ahead of time and freeze them - I never do. I'd like to make up goodie baskets for family, friends and teachers.

I have 6 children I buy for (not including my own). Last year I simply got them all gift cards as it is hard to know what to buy for them - I'll probably do the same this year. My in-laws do not go for handmade or practical gifts.

I also have a father in-law with more stuff than he needs, to buy for. Last year I made sure everything I bought him was consumable (teas, chocolates, nuts). This year he is going back to Labrador for the holidays, so I can get away with buying him less. He is not used to celebrating Christmas anyway.

I would also like to have a large family get-together for my side of the family here sometime over the holidays - but there are still a few things around the house that will need to be finished/fixed first (broken tile in dining room) and I even though this house is bigger, I don't have a lot of furniture - will have to figure out seating.

I didn't bother with cards last year - I'm not sure if I will this year or not - not many people I know still exchange cards. Maybe an email newsletter instead.

I bought decorations for this house last year so other than a few more items, I should be pretty set.

We always get a fresh tree a week or two before Christmas, so I don't have to worry about that yet.

Christmas day is always just us (and FIL if here) at home. We don't travel on Christmas. And then usually on Boxing day we host my sister and friends and sometime over the holidays we have DH's family over.

When I was a kid, Christmas was always looked upon with great anticipation - now it has almost become a chore for me. I want that childhood feeling back.

So are you ready for Christmas?

Are you looking forward to it?

Have you bought any gifts yet?

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Joan said...

I know just what you mean. Our Christmases in the past were getting to be more work than joy, but we found the perfect solution -- a grandchild! My DGS is almost 3 and will be here for Christmas. I'm as excited as I used to get when my kids were little! I can't wait for Santa to visit! I did begin Christmas shopping today - online ordering. Quite proud of myself because I usually wait until Dec 15 or so! Go find the joy - go to a school Christmas program or to a mall and watch little kids on Santa's lap. It will help!