Monday, 6 October 2008

Do you remember?

DH and I were reminiscing last night about candy and treats from our childhood. Our childhood took place during the 70s.

Do you remember:

Lolas: Triangular shaped Popsicle (no stick). I lived on these most summers - they were really big an one would last an hour. I have seen the smalls ones around, but never the large ones.

Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip: Candy stick you licked and dunking into 2 different flavored sugars.

Goldmine Gum: Little drawstring bag of gold coloured nuggets of gum.

Little plastic cups of ice cream that you ate with a little flat wooden spoon that came in a white paper sleeve.

I can't remember the brand -but they were tortilla chips and they came in cheese or chili (not hot) flavor. I loved the chili flavor. Anyone remember these? The brand?

Coke in individual glass bottles with tops that required a bottle opener.

Pop from a freezer chest where you had to put the money in then slide the pop bottle down a row and across the bottom to get out. It had a built in bottle opener on the front of the chest. The one I remember was a Fanta chest.

Popeye candy cigarettes - wonder who thought this was a good idea?

Bottle caps: candy shaped like bottle caps with pop flavors.

BB Bats: Rectangular shaped toffee on a stick.

So do you remember these?

What was your favorite candy from way back when?


Melody said...

Totally. I loved Fun Dip and Bottle Caps. I still get Bottle caps sometimes.

I also loved Sugar Daddy, candy necklaces, Pixi Sticks, and cattails.

I feel younger - thx.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Love Hearts - they were my favorite (and still are a treat for me). There is a candy store in Halifax called the "Freaky Lunchbox" and they have all our childhood candies... I'm in heaven in that store.

mommanator said...

I remember most of the things, I think I am older than you,but never saw the popeye cigs-must have been in your neck of the woods, and didnt recognise the tortilla chips either