Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Life and stuff

It is getting cooler here (we had snow flurries one day last week!) and in an effort to save money, we are keeping the heat turned down to 19 C (66F). If I feel cool, I put on slippers and a pullover.

Or do what I did yesterday- hop on the treadmill for 10 minutes and I get all warm again and get a bit of exercise to boot! (Only need to do that 5 more times each day!)

I finally bit the bullet! A friend and I joined Weight Watchers last night. Time to get the extra kazillion pounds that have snuck onto my!

OMG was stepping on the scales a reality check!

I have decided to do The Core plan - there is no counting of points (well not much) involved. There is a list of core food that you are to enjoy until you feel satisfied (not full) and then you do get 35 points per week to use on no-core foods (such as bread, alcohol, ice cream).

The main things missing from the core list is flour, sugar and fat (only allowed 2tsps of healthy oils per day). Any thing processed is not on the core list.

Today is offically my first day on program - I'll let you know how things go. Anyone else doing (previously done) Weight watchers? Any tips?

Random question: Can someone tell me why, when technology is advanced enough to fit a camera in the end of a pen, someone can't make broccoli taste like chocolate or fat free cheese at least taste similar to cheese?

On the job front, things are still very scarce. The few jobs that come up that fit my qualifications, are too far to commute to (2 hours one way).

In other news, they finally changed my son's bus driver. So far things are wonderful. The new driver doesn't stop the bus every 2 minutes to scream at the kids and this one actually slows down for speed bumps.

Some Peanut pics to make you smile.

Peanut looking cute in a Rubbermiad container next to my desk.

Peanut - not too sure of her new booties.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

You will do great with Weight Watchers after you get into a routine. Even with exercise - you need to "stick to a plan".

Thank you so much for the Peanut pics - they sure do make me smile every time.

Good luck with the job hunting.

Waitress from Mensa said...

Good luck on Weight Watchers. Forty plus years after its founding, it is still the sanest approach to weight loss. This might be an urban legend, but Jean Nieditch, the Weight Watchers founder, all those years ago marketed her copy of the free New York City Health Department weight-loss diet into Weight Watchers International.

Sending encouragement your way.