Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My new simplified wardrobe

I went shopping today with my sister. I needed some pants to wear to go walking the pup. It is now too cool for shorts and the only pair of jeans I own are low rise (why do they make these in plus sizes?) and I can't take two steps without having to stop to haul up my drawers!

I have a lot of business clothes and a lot of sit around the house (aka jammie pants) clothes but not a lot of just casual clothes.

First we went to Value village where I got some fabric and a picture - but forgot them in my sister's car so can't take and post photos yet.

So then we went to the fat lady store - and to be honest, this store has some very nice clothes, although a little pricey. I try to only go twice a year because I always come out a couple to a few hundred dollars lighter.

I decided I wanted to buy some yoga pants and a zippered hoodie to walk in. I found what I was looking for, plus a 2nd pair of yoga pants, 2 t-shirts (cause all mine have stains on them - how does that happen?) and some nice comfy panties (comfy meaning not sexy or lacy).

When I got to the checkout, I was told that it was Buy one and get the 2nd 40% off - and I had an odd number of items so I had to (I HAD to honest) get a 2nd hoodie in a great turquoise colour.

Once I got home, I changed into the yoga pants.


These are the most comfortable pants I own. I will wear these all the time! I think I need 3 more pair! They look simply like black pants that are slightly flared at the bottom and not like exercise clothes. I can wear these around the house AND go out in them (unlike jammie pants).

I took Peanut for a walk right away - but it started to rain so we only got as far as the mailbox around the corner.

I am actually looking forward to going out on a brisk fall morning in my yoga pants & hoodie for a nice walk. Maybe I'll put peanut in her new coat too. :)

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