Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween & Stuff

My son dressed as a zombie again this year - hey the costume still fit so why not?

Here is last years' version. The make-up and blood was slightly different.

We tried to dress Peanut up as well - she had a frayed T-shirt on but did not much care for it. Plus all the people out at night freaked her out - I ended up carrying her home.

After almost 2 hours of trick or treating we came home and shelled out to kids for another 45 mins or so.

Then after J ate a bunch of junk (yes I had a few chocolate bars - not the 20 I usually have, just a few), I scrubbed J's face clean and he and Peanut got comfy on the couch.

They are both lil angels while sleeping :)

I have been doing pretty well on my diet so far. No major stumbles (other than the few Halloween candy). We have put all that is remaining away so I won't be tempted - out of sight and all that.

I am finding doing Weight Watcher's Core program much easier then some of the others I have previously tried, such as Atkin's or South Beach - both of which restrict or remove specific foods from your diet. With The Core - you can pretty much have anything - things like sugar or bread, simply have to be counted towards your weekly allowance. This time it doesn't seem to be a struggle.

I'll update you after my first weigh-in on Tuesday.

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