Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Weight Watcher's Weigh In

I had my first Weight Watcher's weigh-in tonight...

I lost 6.4 lbs...not bad for noshing on a few Halloween chocolate bars this week.

Usually the first week is water weight and somewhat easier to lose. Let's see how it goes next week.

I didn't find the Core program too difficult at all really. I didn't eat much bread because it isn't core...I have to count the points of any I do eat. I had half a whole wheat tortilla twice - that is it for bread.

I am supposed to cut out sugars as well, but I can't do artificial sweeteners (they do strange things to me) so I have been counting my 2 sugars in my coffee (1 point) and the honey in my tea (1 point).

I have to come up with more creative dinners, I am already getting sick of chicken breasts.

And does anyone have and good veggie side dishes that aren't smothered in butter? I'm not a big fan of salads in the winter either - I need warm/hot veggie dishes.

Another good thing is that my rings now fit properly again. Since the summer, I had been taking them off often as they were getting too tight and leaving them off for several days. They actually feel odd now since I have had them off for so long.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

GOOD STUFF !!!! losing the weight. Keep doing what it is you're doing.

mistylea said...

my girls love carrot chunks warmed with honey...is that much better than butter? :)

Kim said...

Unfortunately Mistylea, honey is considered a sugar, which I should be avoiding. Plus, carrots were about the only veg I liked as a kid, and I think I over did them, now I hate them (unless they are raw).