Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fun gifts

Did everyone have a nice Christmas? Has anyone started shopping for next year yet? I always think it is a good idea, but rarely do it. Although, after finding this site, I may do it this year.

Every year for Christmas I buy my sister Christmas themed socks. She must have a couple dozen pair by now. Some people really like to get into the Christmas spirit by wearing Christmas or winter themed things like snowman socks or reindeer sweatshirts. If you are one of these people, you will LOVE these! Holiday frames! Can you image?

They come with snowflakes, snowmen, candles, stockings, winter scenes with sleighs, and ice skating…all on various color frames! And all at ridiculously low prices. You could buy a bunch to match several different outfits! If you are into that kind of thing that is.

I think a pair with stockings on them would be a great gift for my sister, and my son would love the camouflage ones.

I personally like these the best.

The frame is clear and red and has red and white poinsettias on the arms. Very cute! Heck, there are even a nice green pair with a winter forest scene that aren't too cutesy that I could get for my husband.

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