Sunday, 25 January 2009

Changed my mind

I'm allowed :)

I have decided to stop going to the Weight watcher's meetings. I am beginning to really dislike them. Since the new Momentum plan was released, all the leader seems to be doing is reading from the weekly handouts - I can read them myself thanks. So all I was really going for was the weigh-in, and I ain't paying $17 to be weighed! Nuh uh!

When I joined WW, I was given a 2 wk free trial of their webtools. I have activated that and will see how I like it. It is the same as their WW online, so if I do like it, I will continue with WW but online only.

At first glance, the online part is pretty decent. The whole tracking points bit is made a bit easier as you can do it online and save your favorite foods instead of looking them up all the time. It also calculates your remaining points, so it simplifies that somewhat.

There are also message boards and recipes available. Now I didn't realize at first, but the message boards are public, so even non-paying people can access them. So really all you are paying for is the computerized points tracker and a few more recipes that then non-paying person has access to.

One thing that kinda annoys me, is that, because the boards are public, you cannot discuss the program or points values of foods in detail, because then you would be giving out proprietary information out for free. So even if you are paying for the online version, you can't be specific about the program. Sound strange to you? Why don't they just make member only boards where you can actually discuss point values? Who knows?

So I will decide in about a week and a half if I will continue with WW online or just try to go it alone at home. I am not going back to the meetings though.

Meetings are $17 per week, and the online version is $22 per month (after registration fee), so that will be a big savings.

I have also checked out SparksPeople which is a free weight loss site and it offers pretty much the same thing as WW does but doesn't track WW points, obviously. I can try following their program and just stay within their calorie limit instead of within my points limit.

Whatever I decide to do, I am not giving up on losing weight. I need to do this and I need to do it now.

I was up a couple pounds last week and I think I have got them back off and maybe a bit more now. I will stick to Tuesday weigh-ins, but now weigh-in in the morning.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyone else having any success at weight loss?

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Melody said...

Good luck. I figure just doing something is better than nothing. I managed to go through the holidays without gaining a pound and my doc was thrilled with that. He said he wasn't even able to do that.

My recent labs showed my blood sugar, cholesterol and thryoid all perfect! That is a first. So I just keep on trying.

Every time I join a particular program I stress myself out and end up gaining because I feel like a failure. But I've known people that do great with them. I think you just have to do what works for you.

You have my moral support.