Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I have been going to Weight Watchers for 11 wks now (I actually missed two of those weeks (not consecutive) during the holidays) and my results are not what I had hoped. Now of course that is completely my fault for not staying on program, I won't lay the blame anywhere else.

However, I am finding it harder and harder to pay $17 a week for a weigh-in, a 30 minute (repetitive & basic) meeting and constant sales pitches.

First of all - the program works if you work it.

I am getting SO tired of at least 10 minutes of my already short 30 minute meeting being used to push Weight Watcher products on us. When you arrive, there is a big table set up with all their products for you to see while you wait in line to be weighed.

They sell food items such as crackers, pretzels, drink mixes and snack bars. These are all overpriced. A box of 6 mini granola type bars is $10! A box of 6x28g pretzels is $5! Am I the only one who hates to throw money away? I see bunches of people each week buying this stuff - it must be nice to have money to burn.

They also sell non-food items; a food scale, measuring/serving spoons, a pedometer, a points calculator etc...

I understand that Weight Watchers is a business and they are out to make money, but is my $17 per week not enough? I am supposed to also drop my hard earned cash on their other products? And it is constantly being pushed.

Also, Weight Watcher's new Momentum plan is anything but new. They really didn't change anything at all - but they are constantly making a big ta-do about the NEW plan.

What used to be called Core foods, are now called Filling foods. They now recommend 30 minutes a day of exercise (they didn't before?). All liquids now count towards your goal of 6 8oz glasses - which I find stupid; coffee and pop are not the same as water.

I guess they have to change it up a bit or things get stale, but don't try to snow us and call it a new plan when it isn't.

One of the new features of the Momentum plan is a little graph area at the bottom of your food tracker. You are supposed to graph your level of hunger or satisfaction at each meal. This is supposed to aid you in knowing when you are truly hungry or not.

I'm sorry - but do I look that stupid? I know when I am hungry and when I'm not. I am not fat due to a lack of intelligence. I am fat due to a lack exercise and healthy eating!

Sometimes during these meeting, the topic discussed by the leader and members is so elementary that it blows my mind. What? You didn't know pizza was fattening?!

I sometimes feel I have read more diet/health books then all these members combined. I have not learned one new thing at WW. It is all common sense. But as I have said before, common sense isn't all that common anymore.

I don't think I will quit WW (yet), I like the accountability of the weigh-ins, but with my budget being tight and my having to bite my tongue so often (telling a group of idiots that being fat is the least of their worries, probably won't make me popular), I'm not sure how much longer I will last.

I'm getting tired of the leader telling us we are fat because we do too much for others and don't think of ourselves. Nope I'm fat cause I'm lazy - no two ways about it! I don't need an excuse or crutch, I need motivation!

Having said all that (if you are still reading :)) I watched the latest installment of The Biggest Loser last night and that has got me remotivated somewhat. I will rededicate myself this week and hopefully have a nice loss next week.

Thanks for letting me vent :)

Goals today
- drink lots of water
- get on treadmill
- stay away from junk

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Melody said...

I completely understand. I was a member once and I remember them pushing their 2 point bars - whch I thought were disgusting. A Reese's Cup is 2 points. I'll take one of those any day of the week, they have fiber and good fat. And they are filling.