Saturday, 17 January 2009

Do you remember the X-Files?

I loved that show! DH and I looked forward to watching it each Friday night.

I thought Mulder was hot and he thought Scully was hot - we were both right.

I loved the unexpectedness of each episode. They all had an underlying thread but new stories each week. And as it deal with the paranormal, it was pretty much anything goes. Never a dule episode.

When the X-File movie came out in theaters, I really wanted to go see it, but was unable.

So when I found it on Pay Per View yesterday, I was ecstatic!

And after it was over...I was so disappointed.

I waited 10 years for that crap?

They took interesting characters and made them laughable. They completely ignored the back story of the series except for about 3 quick references.

It was like a regular 1 hour episode, only with a really bad storyline and stretched out far too long.

They took the character of Scully, an intelligent, confident doctor and FBI agent and made her into a confused emotional wreak that was constantly second guessing herself.

Mulder who previously whole-heartedly believed in the truth, and that he would find it, seemed to be grasping at straws and acting more like a tag along puppy than an ex FBI agent.

The plot made no sense. It was not even clear why Mulder is asked to help, since they seemed to think he is stupid from the get-go.

Scully was asked to contact Mulder for help, since he was incognito. She goes to his home and comments that she thinks that he is too isolated and alone. And then later you find out that they live together. It really makes no sense.

I have told my son about the X-Files series and think he would like them. I think I will rent a DVD of the series for him and I to watch.

There is talk of a 2nd X-Files movie. Ya I would probably see it - but I really hope they manage to bring back some of the spark that made the series a hit - some of the X-Fileness :)


Amy said...

Hi Kim!

Thanks for your comment on our blog. :)

To answer your questions; we are mainly doing WW Online because I don't want to spend $80+/month on Meetings. I did enjoy the meetings when we went, but it's not in our budget to spend that much for the next 2-3 years.

WW Online is something I would recommend if you can check it everyday. Each evening plug your points in, check your favorite message board and *participate*.

On weigh in day, it will ask you to plug in your weight- but it doesn't force you too. You have to be accountable for yourself.

There are motivators, like graphs of your weight loss you can see & print out and access to lots of recipes and such. I enjoy it alot myself. Good luck to you! :)

Anonymous said...

That sucks when you spend $$ on a pay-per-view and it wasn't what you expected - at least now you know!!

Hope your relaxing today!