Thursday, 15 January 2009


I know I have been bad - haven't been around much. I hope to remedy that soon.

Updates: I lost 1.8 lbs at weigh-in this week (Side note: when I typed this I had a typo and typed 12.8 lbs, man don't I wish!)

My sewing machine is acting up and begging for a checkup and so I haven't finished my latest sewing project for my sister yet.

I haven't heard anything about my interview last Friday, which is probably not a very hopeful sign.

I created a veggie dish that I really like. I saute diced onion, chopped garlic and mushrooms in about a teaspoon of olive oil. Once onions are translucent, I add a couple splashes of chicken stock and then copious amounts of baby spinach. Stir until spinach wilts then add more. I ended up adding a bit too much stock and it got a tad soupy, but DH and I really liked it this way. Once all spinach is added and wilted, serve (in bowls with a spoon :)).

Anyone have any really good veggie dishes to share?

All Christmas decorations but our front door wreaths are down. I was so late in getting everything up this year, I don't want to take them down yet...but DH says it's time :(

I have been in somewhat of a funk lately. I have to get out of it. I just feel blah. Maybe I have SAD. Could be...I have been cooped up in the house for far too long. But man it is so cold outside!

I am thinking I need a trip to value Village....D are you reading this? Let me know when you are available :) My sanity is on the line here :)

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, the weather, cold, lack of sun really makes it hard to get motivated!

Hang in there!