Friday, 13 February 2009

BTW I survived :)

My mother in-law went home Wednesday evening and said what a lovely time she had at our house. How it is so nice and quiet compared to home. She also didn't have to do all the cleaning here.

After she got finished telling me everything I was doing wrong, she settled in and we had a relatively nice time.

She showed me how to crochet granny squares so now I have yet another project :) I have about a dozen finished. Only a hundred or so to go. They are easy to do while watching TV.

DH & I came to realize that she most likely is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She has no short term memory to speak of. This became frustrating, but I had to remind myself that she can't help it.

She lives with her daughter over an hour away and we have no control over getting her to a doctor to be tested, so our hands are tied for getting her medical help.

Her daughter does shift work and gets 4-5 days off every 6 weeks, which is the only time MIL can come visit. So she plans to come back the next time her daughter has time off - if she remembers that is.

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Melody said...

I am glad you survived. My mother-in-law is waist deep in Alzheimer's so I feel your pain. It is real difficult to not get upset when they ask the same question or forget something important. Just hang in there.

Granny squares was the first - and only - thing I have crocheted. My mother taught me when I was like 10. Good memories.