Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Getting stuff done

While my mother in-law was visiting, I found myself cleaning as I went as she is very much a clean freak and if I left even one dish in the sink, she would wash it while making that sound that says I'm a crappy house cleaner. So I kept up with the dishes and kept the kitchen tidy.

Once she left, I returned to my old habits. Stupid, because cleaning as I went wasn't hard and it kept things nice.

So Friday I tackled a sink full of dishes, as well as a bunch of pots. I also baked another batch (35ish) of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, as the 1st batch vanished so quickly. I put most of this batch in the freezer packed 2 to a baggie for J's lunches.

Saturday & Sunday pretty much flew by.

Here in Ontario, Monday was Family Day and both DH & J had the day off work and school.
J actually has a pretty elaborate project to do on Leif Ericsson, so we spend part of the day creating a shield and battle axe out of cardboard and tinfoil. I sewed him up a simple tunic out of some black fabric I had laying around.

Today (Tuesday), I am doing laundry, ran a full dishwasher load and attempting a new bread recipe.

I haven't made bread in quite awhile. I usually use the bread machine to do all the work and then bake it in oven for more normal looking loaves. This recipe wasn't written for the bread machine so I did it by hand with the mixer.

It is on its 2nd rise right now and so far so good. If the recipe turns out decent, I will post it here and start using it regularly instead of buying bread.

Store brand bread is up to $2.49 per loaf. We don't actually eat a lot of bread, but it will help. Anyone have any experience with freezing bread dough and rising and baking it later? I would love to make a bunch ahead.

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