Thursday, 19 February 2009

Homesteading....or not

I read a lot of homesteading or simple living blogs. I really like the idea of living that way. To bake fresh bread daily, raise hens for eggs, plant and harvest a garden.

To make do with what you have, to sew and mend my own clothes. To make gifts for others (knit, crochet, sew). To reflect on life, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. To enjoy nature.

On the other hand...I am lazy. I like to sleep in - not get up and feed chickens.

I like to plan and daydream, but that is often as far as things get. I like the idea of living off the land, but I really like a nice restaurant as well.

I like the idea of growing vegetables in my own garden, buy I really hate the feel of dirt on my hands (not getting dirty, just the feel of soil ewwww...).

I like the idea of getting fresh eggs each morning, but not keeping the henhouse clean of droppings and whatnot.

Homesteading also usually involves giving up things like internet and TV, and I just don't know about that.

I like most of the modern conveniences available to us today, but I really do like the idea of a simpler life, one that is slower and not so rushed.

Also, as much as I might like it (or not), I'm not sure the other two in my life would.

So if I win the lottery and can afford to buy myself a nice big parcel of land with a cozy farmhouse on it and a few it ok to hire people to run it for me? :)

Some simple living blogs I enjoy are:
  • Tammy's Recipes - while not homesteading, it has some great simple recipes.

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