Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday Musings

Update & question: This morning I found a used Husqvarna Viking 2000 SL sewing machine for $85. It is about 25 yrs old but apparently well serviced. I want to get into free motion quilting, and my current machine does not have that capability (feed dogs don't drop and with cover added, gap is too tight).

So does anyone have any info on this machine? Any advice? Anything? The feed dogs do drop but that is all I know. Will it be a good machine for quilting on? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I took my sewing machine in to be tuned up/repaired on Saturday. Of course once it was no longer in the house, all I wanted to do was sew.

I should get it back Tuesday evening. Once I do, the first thing I have to do is finish my sister's laptop bag. She has been waiting since Christmas for this.

Then I'll be starting the next baby quilt. My niece is due with her first baby in April or May (not sure which). I have sketched out a concept for the baby quilt.

Here are the flannels I'll be using.

All the same ones I used on the previous two baby quilts. Waste not, want not.

I bought 3 balls of satin wool on Saturday, planning to use them for more granny squares, but once I got a feel of them, I realized they were too nice to just make granny squares. So I started a striped lap afghan for myself.

Yes yet another project to work on.

I'll have to buy several more balls of each colour to finish it :) The walls of my office/sewing room are exactly that aqua colour.

I've been helping my son (making him finish) his project on explorer Leif Ericsson. We have made a battle axe, a shield, a tunic, a medallion, a pouch with coins, a weathered map of his voyage route and a fur sash.
Note: It was not until I posted this photo did I realize he forgot to draw the
actual route on the map! All he did was label it. Glad I caught that now!

Here is a picture of my lil viking :)

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