Monday, 30 March 2009

Busy week ahead

Once again I have put off working on the latest baby quilt until the 11th hour. The baby shower is this coming Sunday. The quilt top is now finished, but needs to be sandwiched and then quilted and have the binding added. I'll try to add photos as I progress.

My MIL might be coming for a few days again and so I also have to fit a fair amount of house work into this week as well.

I also have a bunch of baking planned...planned being the operative word here. I did make a loaf of whole wheat bread on Friday when we ran out of bread. I used a highly rated recipe from It rose well and looked nice but has a horrible bitter aftertaste that I just can't get past. Too bad. What do I do with it now? Anyone know why I got that aftertaste? So we had no (edible) bread in the house until Sunday when we went grocery shopping.

Back to quilting...

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