Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Soup's On!

While it did warm up here for a few days, it is back to being frigid again. During these cold spells, I really enjoy a good hearty bowl of homemade soup.

Today, however, I am not going to talk about homemade soup...I'm talking about canned soup.

Last week one of our grocery stores had a dollar sale. They had Campbell's Ready to Serve soups on sale for $1 each. We picked up a LOT of them.

Now for easy no-fuss meals when we are in a hurry, we can simple heat up a few of these, serve some easy Focaccia bread or a side salad and we have a meal!

As these are not condensed soups, even if we had to use 3 tins, the cost is only $3 plus whatever we serve with it (bread, crackers or salad). That's a nice inexpensive meal and it is also nice and light.

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Mom2fur said...

A dollar each is a good deal for those soups! I know they are expensive. I often see coupons for them, too.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I love campbell's soups. I practically lived off chicken noodle when I was a kid.