Sunday, 15 March 2009

March Break & Taxes

Friday afternoon marked the beginning of March Break for the kiddo. He's home for a whole week Yippee (add sarcasm here :)).

The weather was wonderful this weekend - very springlike.

I bought my tax software today and got started doing our taxes. Mine is a tad more involved then DH's as I am self-employed.

I knew I had been slacking on keeping my bookkeeping up-to-date (I haven't even started my 2009 file yet) but when I checked, I realized I hadn't started a 2008 one either!

So once I got the 2008 bookkeeping straightened out, I did my taxes. I actually end up get a small return as I didn't work much this year. I usually have to pay, because I don't have taxes removed from my pay cheques.

We went to our local Boston Pizza for dinner. We hadn't been there before. It opened shortly after moving to this house in 2007. About 2 months after it opened we dicided to go there. It had just the week previous had a major fire and closed down. They leveled the building and rebuilt it. It has been open for about 4-5 months now. After all that long wait - I wasn't at all impressed and I doubt we will go back.

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