Thursday, 12 March 2009

Reasons why I need a job

Well the number one reason would be that I need an income, but besides that, there are several reasons why I want to get back to work.

I miss interacting with people on a daily basis. Days go by that I don't see anyone other then my husband and son.

My brain is slowly turning to mush. I am constantly having senior's moments. I need to get back to work to challenge my brain more.

I miss wearing my dress clothes. As much as I love my yoga pants, I miss my nice dress pants and blouses.

I miss having a reason to style my hair and put on make up each day.

I miss my high heels. I just got the heels fixed on my favorite pair of black pumps at the end of my last contract, and haven't had any place to wear them since. I also have several other pairs of heels in my closet being neglected.

I miss the natural transition from work time to home time. While home, I feel that I should constantly be in housekeeping mode (not that any house keeping actually gets done).

Now if I get a job, I will have much less time for quilting, sewing and blogging, but I have had a decent break and am now ready to get back to work, I'll manage to fit them in sometime.

I have been submitted for a 12 month government contract with the Ministry of Finance. It is located in the next town over, compared to downtown Toronto where most of my contracts are. So a 15 minute drive instead of an hour and half commute. Which translates to saving about $120 in train and subways costs per week too.

I should find out tomorrow if they want to interview me.

While this job is close and a 12 month contract is great, the money being offered is less than half my usual rate. That bugs me quite a bit, but beggars can't be choosers right? I'm hoping I get it and also hoping something better comes along soon.

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Joanna said...

I understand about being in "housework mode" when I'm home- my DH wonders why I don't sit down & watch a movie with him, but all I can see is all there is to do around the house, and a don't sit still! In a way, working lets me sit still.