Thursday, 23 April 2009

Weekly update

Haven't done a lot this week - recovering from a spring cold that the kiddo gave me. He was home Monday & Tuesday hacking up a lung too.

Finished my swap pot holders and tea towel, but have no where to send it as my swap partner has not yet replied to my email asking for her address.

I also made a fabric journal cover and zippered pencil case for my sister.

I've submitted to a few jobs this week. I have an interview on Tuesday for a 6 month contract at a bank. I also submitted for a full time position that is completely work from home - oh man I would love to get that one!

In the past week I have read the following books:
  • Promise in Death - J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts - good story as usual.
  • Addition - Toni Jordan - pretty good, about a woman with OCD counting
  • Face of Fear - John Saul - not bad.
I have been crocheting on the stripped blanket and it only needs another 12-14 inches til it is finished.

I have to dig around in my office closet, I started a jacket and skirt for myself several years ago and luckily (?) I am still the same size, so I want to find them and finish them. The jacket is about 60% complete, the skirt not even started yet.

Kid has PA day tomorrow and then is taking Monday off so he can go turkey hunting with his Dad. So nice long weekend home with family.

Have a good weekend all :)

Monday, 20 April 2009

I think Mother nature has a spring cold too

I really wish the weather would make up it's mind. It was nice and warm last week, high of 19 C on Friday, and then started tot get cold again yesterday.

Today is grey, dreary and raining.

Kiddo is home today with a cold and fever although you wouldn't know it by the way he is bouncing around.

Why is that kids are really sick at bedtime and first thing in the morning, but recover quickly one you phone school to say they won't be in?

He is sick though, running nose, scratchy throat and a fever. I hope he'll be better tomorrow.

Been working on the pot holder/tea towel swap. Who ever decided we needed to embelish a tea towel should be flogged. (What the heck is flogging anyhow?) I have finished the pot holders but the tea towel is finicky business.

I don't think m y swap partner reads this blog, so I will post pics once I am finished. They have to be mailed on Saturday.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

New Blogs I Found

Well, they aren't new blogs, just new to me.

Fun Foods On a Budget - Great simple recipes. Doesn't require you to run out and find truffle oil or tarragon vinegar. The site header makes me want to cook a pizza NOW!

Real Mom Kitchen
- Again simple recipes for the entire family.

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking - A fellow Canadian with many recipes and cooking tips to share.

And I have a it an American thing to bake a cake in a 9x13 glass dish? I have never seem this before I started reading US cooking blogs.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Been MIA

I know I haven't been posting much lately. I think I have lost my blogging mojo again. It's that time of year - spring.

Not a lot going on here. Was the kiddo's 12th birthday last week. The time really does go by fast - I know everyone says that - but I never tended to believe them until now.

Saw the in-laws on the weekend for an Easter get together then had Easter egg hunt with kiddo Sunday morning and Easter dinner at home in the evening.

I bought and made a spiral sliced ham. I wasn't impressed. I think I will stick to the regular ham I usually buy. I found this one got too dry. Now I have a boat load of ham to use up.

I have my tea towel/pot holder swap for Down to earth to get working on. I have to mail it by the 25th.

Nothing happening on the job front. I didn't get the gov't one and nothing new on the horizon.

I'll try to be a good lil blogger and post more often :)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Nothing like procrastination...

So I finished the baby quilt just in time for the shower on Sunday.

Once I managed to get it sandwiched (took 3 tries). I planned on quilting it on my new (to me) sewing had other ideas. I grabbed a practice piece and started quilting only to have the machine act up. As I didn't have time to play around, I figured I would just straight quilt on my regular machine. Which I did successfully until the bobbin thread ran out.

I refilled the bobbin and then proceeded to quilt without first testing the thread. I got a loopy mess on the back of the quilt that I then had to rip out. After playing with the bobbin for about 5 minutes ( I have no idea what I did) I got it to sewing smoothly again and I finished quilting the quilt on Friday evening.

However, as I used high loft batting, I had an area that looked just too poofy to me, so I ripped out another huge section, repinned and requilted it. I then sewed on the binding and hand-stitched the binding to the back on Saturday.

My handstitching is getting better


I have to say I think this quilt has been the most finacky, but I also like it the best.

My neice Amanda - the Mom-to-be

Opening my gift

I finished the baby afghan I started crocheting way back when, and gave that as well.

Also at the baby shower, I got to meet for the first time, the two recipients of the previous baby quilts I made.

My great neice Samantha - this was her quilt

My great nephew Dustin - this was his quilt

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Backward Version

Today's WFMW post is the backward theme - which means, I ask you what works for you, instead of telling you what works for me.

My question is for all those bread bakers out there...I recently made 100% whole wheat bread using this recipe, which has pretty decent reviews.

It rose well and looks great but has a horribly bitter aftertaste and is inedible.

Why does my whole wheat bread taste bitter?