Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Been MIA

I know I haven't been posting much lately. I think I have lost my blogging mojo again. It's that time of year - spring.

Not a lot going on here. Was the kiddo's 12th birthday last week. The time really does go by fast - I know everyone says that - but I never tended to believe them until now.

Saw the in-laws on the weekend for an Easter get together then had Easter egg hunt with kiddo Sunday morning and Easter dinner at home in the evening.

I bought and made a spiral sliced ham. I wasn't impressed. I think I will stick to the regular ham I usually buy. I found this one got too dry. Now I have a boat load of ham to use up.

I have my tea towel/pot holder swap for Down to earth to get working on. I have to mail it by the 25th.

Nothing happening on the job front. I didn't get the gov't one and nothing new on the horizon.

I'll try to be a good lil blogger and post more often :)

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