Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's fishing season!

Last Saturday (yes I know I am a slacker and way behind in my posting) K, J and I spent the first really warm day of spring out and about.

We visited a friend to see their house renovations, we drove up to a hunting site to check for turkeys (the guys went turkey hunting Monday morning), we stopped at a chip truck for the best french fries and we (well the boys did) went fishing.

It was opening day for fishing season so all the really good locations were packed, so we went to a less know spot but had very little luck. At least we got the gear ready to go.

Getting rods ready

My boy

First cast of the season

Look it is sandal weather again!
(my feet need some sun!)

The boys fishing off the bridge

J gets one

But it's just a wee one and goes back

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