Thursday, 7 May 2009


So I got the job! Finally I'll be back to work making money.

I don't start for a couple weeks and it is a 3 month contract to start.

The commute is a bit of a pain because it is not downtown Toronto, where I usually work. The GO train (high speed commuter train) only stops at this stop a couple times per day, so I will have to adjust my schedule accordingly. I am hoping to do the earlier shift of 7:30 am til 3:30pm. That way I'll be able to catch a ride home with K from where my train comes in. I'll find out once I start.

Also for the first few weeks, I will be working in several different locations as I have to interview people and gather information, but the company offers a shuttle bus service between locations several times per day, which is extremely convenient as I don't drive.

It should be a challenging contract as I don't really know the topic I am to be writing about. Not that I usually do - I learn as I go, but as I mentioned, this contract is with a bank and so the topic is financial and quite complex in nature.

This morning I went through my closet to see what I had in business clothes. I have several pcs that are just a tad too tight - hopefully if I lose 5-10 lbs, I'll be able to wear them again.

I do need to buy a few items. My dress pants have definitely seen better days.

We also have to get J on a schedule of getting up in the morning on his own and making sure he is out the door on time to catch the bus. We will have to buy him a REALLY loud alarm clock this weekend and maybe have his Dad call from work each morning as a backup. We can give it a trial run next week, while I'm home to wake him if I have to.

Previously when I worked, we put him in daycare, but as he just turned 12, he does not want to do the daycare route.

His Papa lives in the basement, so is available in case of emergency.

On previous contracts, he came home by himself after school and let himself in, he will continue to do that but only now he has the added responsibility of letting Peanut out and feeding her.

Once school is out, I will either put him into some camp programs (I want him outdoors as much as possible), or my friend (or her son) may watch him, but there is more opportunity for him to stay in all day and play X-box with that option.

I want to apologize in advance for the slacking I will no doubt do in regards to blog posting once I start the job. Hopefully after a couple weeks, I will get my groove back :)


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Congrats to you Kim on getting the job.

Waitress from Mensa said...

Kim, Your blogosphere pals (especially we technical writers) would love to hear about your impressions of this job and your learning process while working in the financial industry.