Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So tired...1st day of new job

First day of new contract

5 am - alarm goes off, take Peanut out to do business.
5:05 am - shower, make-up, hair, dress, brush teeth
5:30am - Feed Peanut, make breakfast
5:45am - Crate Peanut, get lunch
5:50am - My ride (wonderful sister :)) is here
6:15am - get to GO station (early because we were not sure how long the drive was going to be), buy tickets
6:57am - train departs
7:11am - switch trains
7:35 - arrive at detination GO station, take 2 buses to office
8:10am - arrive at office - not due until 9am, but not sure of commute time, twiddle thumbs until 9am.
9am - boss arrives and signs me in
9:05am - tour of facility, then left on my own while boss goes hunting for a laptop
9:45am - boss arrives with laptop - I am to set up and he will come back to sign in for me as I do not have a logon ID as yet
10:30am - boss finally comes back to sign in, messes around with stuff on laptop
11am - laptop finally up and running
11:30am - boss leaves for the day (apparently today was a vacation day for him - not sure why he had me start today then)
11:31am - 1:15pm - play around on laptop, review some documentation that makes no sense to me
1:15pm - other boss shows up, tries to give me access to application - can't don't have admin rights, calls someone who says they will be right down.
1:30pm - meet other contractor who started last week who still does not have a security pass or computer log on ID (great!)
2pm - guy finally shows up and fixes laptop
2:30pm - 3:45pm - I browse the application and assorted documentation, still have no clue to what I am doing. 2nd boss doesn't have time to review things with me until Friday.
3:45pm - leave and take 2 buses to GO station
4:15pm - arrive at station
4:47pm - get on train
5:30pm - train arrives at destination
5:43pm - take connecting bus to mall
5:55pm - meet K at mall for ride home
6:15pm - arrive home, too tired to cook what I planned - good thing kiddo likes grilled cheese :)

I got no sleep last night because I kept waking up every hour to check the time.

Did absolutely nothing today, which is normal for the start of most contracts, but still very boring and tiring. You would think since they are paying me big bucks per hour, that they would at least be prepared for my arrival - banks and the government, more money than sense :)

And I get to look forward to more of the same tomorrow.

On the plus side - they have a Tim Hortons in the building and a large cafeteria. I think I will be drinking a lot of coffee.

7:40pm - ready for bed but will wait until at least 9pm


Vickie LeBlanc said...

My goodness Kim, what a day you had. Things will probably fall more into a routine after a while. It's all that commute that would drive me crazy - I'm no city gal, all country for me :-)

As for the raised beds you inquired in a comment on my blog. When we first started with raised beds (15 years ago) we made them all from untreated wood. Our oldest one (15 years) was replaced this year with cement blocks. However, we also had to replace a smaller one that was only 4 years old. We are eventually going to replace all 10 beds with cement blocks.

mommanator said...

Great luck on the new job. Do not ever complain for getting paid for doing nothing they will find something for you to do all too soon!

Melody said...

Congrats on the new job. Hope the next days go better and you feel more productive.

BTW: Watch your mailbox.