Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Summer Salad Carnival

Allyson over at A Heart For Home is holding a Slew Of Summer Salads Carnival.

Lots of great ideas for quick & easy summer meals.

There is one salad I had at a restaurant in Toronto years ago - I have no idea what is is called but I recently recreated it successfully at home and DH liked it too.

I just guess at amounts - what looks good.

  • Mixed greens (sometimes called musclin, or spring greens) or baby spinach, washed and dried.
  • Walnuts, chopped - I just break them in my hand.
  • Roasted red peppers, chopped - I use the kind from the jar.
  • Feta cheese - crumbled on top - maybe 2 Tbsp per person...
  • Balsamic vinaigrette - or equal parts balsamic vinegar & olive oil

Thats it! add salt & pepper to your liking.

Sorry I don't have a photo.

I also previously posted this pasta salad recipe.



Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan said...

Oh, this sounds good. I love anything with feta cheese! Thanks for participating in the A Slew of Summer Salads Carnival going on at our blog and for linking back to the carnival from your post.

Kacie said...

Well, since I have two of you giving rave reviews to secret clinical strength, I think it's gonna be on my grocery list. :) Thanks for the recommendation!