Saturday, 2 May 2009

Yet another catch up post

Still no word from my swap buddy, the organizers are trying to match me up with someone else who's buddy ditched them.

They are down to one other candidate and myself for the bank contract- they are making their decision on Tuesday.

Haven't been doing any sewing lately, but feeling like I may be getting the groove back.

Did a trip to Value Village with my sister today. Scored a few zippers (I want to make more zippered pouches - I have to practice my zippers), a large piece of beige linen to use for something, and a big bag of towels to cut up and use for rags - I really have to get going on my spring cleaning and these will come in handy (there was 3 large towels (may save these as dog bath towels) and about 7 hand towels all for $3).

Also went to Maple Fest in our town today - another nice day. Had a smog dog (sausage from a street vendor) and old fashioned cinnamon sugar donuts. Didn't actually try or buy any maple syrup. Lots of craft vendors and such - was a good time.

Update: Oh and I've gotten off my duff and scheduled posts for the next 4 days so far :)

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