Sunday, 28 June 2009

Building, Fiesta-ing, reading and stuff

I know I have been horrible about posting lately. It seems I can't work and keep up with everything else. You should see my kitchen *sigh*

So some updates.

We installed our back yard gate yesterday. We still have to install the hardware and a couple boards to close up gaps in the bottom of the fence and then my Peanut can roam free out there. We currently take her out an her lease. She will now be able to terrorize Kodi in a much bigger space :)

Last week was Fiesta Week in our neck of the woods. There are about a dozen different pavilions representing other countries to visit. You buy a passport and visit as many pavilions as you like, just buying your meal at each. They also have shows with traditional dancing and music.

Since we have soccer Monday & Tuesday, we had a late start. On Wednesday we went to the Ukrainian pavilion - I wasn't that impressed with the food, but the show was fun. Thursday we went to the Caribbean pavilion which has great food, dancing and a steel drum band. That is where we heard about the death of Michael Jackson - RIP MJ.

And finally on Friday we went to a Greek pavillion. The food wasn't bad ( we prefer a different Greek pavillion) but the best part was that I finally got to meet a friend of mine. I'll call her K. We both worked on the same contract a few years ago but it was a work-from-home contract and so we never actually met face to face. We continued to chat via email over the years but had not met until Friday night. So cool :)

Over the past couple weeks I have read and would recommend the following books:

The kite runner - Khaled Hosseini
I was worried I wouldn't like it and that it may be too political - I did and it wasn't.

The Lost Quilter - Jennifer Chiaverini
Story about a slave in the South in the 1860's - very good read

Heart-shaped Box - Joe Hill (this is Stephen King's son - and you can tell in his writing)
Aging rocker who collects oddities of the occult, buys a ghost and gets more than he bargined for.

The Sharper your knife, the less you cry - Kathleen Flinn (Melody I think you may really like this one!) True story of a journalist who finally follows her dream and enrols in Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris.

I also received my tea towel & pot holder swap from the Down To Earth swap. But I have been slacking and have yet to take a picture of the items I got - I also forgot to take pictures of the stuff I sent my buddy - so I will post those when she send them to me.

This coming week will be short - Wed July 1st is Canada Day. My office is closed but I will be working from home and taking Friday off instead. I am going to see if I can work from home on Thursday as well, so I don't have to travel that day. DH has Wed - Fri off and the kid finished school on Thursday past.

So until I get back here - have a great week - Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

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