Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tickets have arrived

So our Aerosmith tickets that we purchased two days ago (with much nashing of the teeth over the price) arrived via FedEx today. They actually just left the envelope on the front stoop! Sheesh

While J was eating dinner, we asked him if he had the chance to go to a concert, what concert would he chose? Well first he rhymed off the name of his favorite radio station. Dude, that's a radio station, not a group. Pick a group.

Then he named some alternative singer that he and DH like. No no a group!

Then he said Aerosmith :)

We said how it was such a coincidence that we just happened to have tickets for Aerosmith.

He didn't get as excited as I thought he would, he smiled and said Sweeeet! I guess that is good.

He doesn't have a clue who ZZ Top is so that will be new for him.

Can't wait till Sept 3rd!


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