Thursday, 11 June 2009

Work & Stuff

I am finally getting used to being back at work, although the 5am wake up is still killin me.

The bank offers a shuttle bus service to and from the GO station each day which is really convenient and saves me about 25 minutes and two bus rides each way.

I now actually have work to do, however, some of the people that are supposed to be sharing information with me are less then forthcoming. It is like they are afraid if I know stuff, I may steal their job or something.

To switch topics completely, we have new neighbours behind us. They moved in about 6 weeks ago. I guess the first week they lived there, they were on vacation because on the Monday, they were out on their back deck all day with a bunch of people drinking and BBQing....all day!

Then the next week, at about 10am I was on my computer and had my office window open and smelled something. Well dude was out there 10am! I suppose maybe he does shift work. So then around 4pm there are 2 teenagers out there BBQing. Then at about 7pm there is another guy out got it...BBQing. I guess they never had a BBQ before.

I still haven't figured out how many people actually live there because there is the morning guy who is about 45ish. Then the 2 teens. Then the evening guy is about 30ish and there is a 30ish woman with a small child (or 2?) and I also saw a kid about 10.

Oh ya and these guys really like to party it up on the weekends. Out on the deck til all hours of the night, drinking and laughing with their back porch light on that lights up my bedroom quite well thank you very much.

It looks like it could be an interesting summer.

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