Thursday, 30 July 2009

Extending long weekend

This weekend is a long weekend here in Ontario. Both DH & I also booked today and Friday off for an extra long weekend.

In a couple hours we will be heading to the beach - it is not super hot out today, but at least for once in the past several weeks, it is not raining!

I went to Walmart yesterday to buy some fabric to make my son some PJ shorts only to find that they had built a brand new Walmart Superstore (can you tell I don't go to Walmart very often? I never even seen the construction) and they have deleted the fabric department completely!

I had to be satisfied with buying a couple small bundles of fat quarters that I plan to use on a new lap quilt - more on that later. They don't even sell thread anymore!

I will head to Value Village and then Fabricland tomorrow for DS's short fabric. I am hoping I can find a nice old sheet that DS likes at Value Village. Fabricland is now that only fabric store around and their prices are crazy high.

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