Sunday, 5 July 2009

Very long and photo heavy post - Gardening :)

On Thursday DH & I decided we would put in a garden after all - a little late but so what.

We decided to build two raised beds in the back yard and cut a garden in the front yard.

So that day we went and bought the wood for the raised beds and the various plants we would need. We also ordered 5 yards of triple-mix, a maple tree and a cedar tree to be delivered on Friday.

Tomato & peppers plants

More tomato plants and some others for the front bed

A couple clematis and these red flower bushes DH really likes.

A couple baskets of impatiens in pots for the front step.
The front bed with the sod cut outThe sod pile out back (that's the dogs' pool :))
The side of the house is horrible with weeds.

DH built the first raised bed

On Friday morning the soil was delivered along with the trees we bought.

The dirt pile with only a bit taken out

Our Deborah MapleSide garden filled in - we'll plant hostas here later
While I was raking the dirt in this area, I smelled gas.
That's a gas meter smack in the middle there.
We called the gas company and all of us (dogs included) sat out
back to await the gas guy. When he showed up after about
20 mins, he used an instrument to check for a leak,
which he found, tightened a fitting and left - took all of 5 minutes.

The front garden with the new cedar tree and soil in the bed

Raised beds filled with soil - they hold a LOT of soil

We decided to cut another small bed for the
clematis in the middle of the back fence
DH planted all his veggies in the 2 raised beds
Dirt pile getting smaller

After buying the supplies on Saturday, DH built
a trellis for my clematis to grow up

They are pretty tiny right now though

DH planted the red flower bushes in the corner of the yard -
coincidentally, the flowers growing through the fence from our
neighbour's yard are the same plant.

This is what they will look like when in full bloom - we had to stop
and take a photo of some we were driving by, so that we knew what to buy.
The front garden bed all planted - kiddo helped me

Small blue & purple flowers planted between the rocks - kiddo helped here too

Although DH hauled all the dirt to the back yard, I helped rake and fill the beds, dig out sod and plant. Friday night I could barely move, my back and feet hurt so much.

The weather was actually quite nice, warm without being hot and there was usually a nice breeze as well.

We still have to plant the tree, but that will wait until next weekend. And the side garden will get hostas once my friend splits a few of her hostas up. We also have a large amount of soil in the backyard that has to be spread to level an area that used to hold a pool. That too will wait till next weekend.

It was a lot of work, but the results look good. Now we just have to remember to water each day :)


mommanator said...

you had quite the busy day, but it all looks like it was worth it! I love the front of your house

Vickie LeBlanc said...

How is everything growing ?

Kim said...

Thanks mommanator :)

Vickie, the tomato plants didn't look like they were going to make it but look better now - they will definitely be late bloomers. The peppers are flowering and we have a couple cute lil peppers.

The clematis is struggling but I think will be ok.

The front bed is doing great. The impatiens have a tendency to droop very easily if I forget to water one morning.

Slowly but surely - next year I will make sure we start a lot earlier.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Great. I've always found Clematis to be a delicate plant. They prefer their roots to be cool (I think). Everything seems to be growing nicely.