Thursday, 27 August 2009

Annual Family BBQ

This year our family BBQ was held at my 2nd oldest brother's new home - they built it themselves.

It was a decent day until the rain came just as we were eating, but it still turned out to be a good time.

For the record, I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers - all older than me - I am the baby :)

In order is it Oldest brother, 2nd oldest brother, oldest sister, 2nd oldest sister, 3rd oldest brother and then me :)

2nd oldest brother (home owner) in grey/blue shirt
oldest sister behind him
- oh and DH in the stripped shirt and a family friend

3rd brother's boat

2nd oldest sister on left in black pants
- oldest sister standing in white pants

My son and my sister's (2nd oldest) grandson

My son with his traditional summer haircut

Oldest sister's son

2nd oldest brother and oldest sister
- they are only 10.5 months apart in age

Old car my brother is working on

Oldest brother and wife

Kid with toad

Swimming off the dock

View of the back of the house

Front of the house

Tons of food!

We started to eat outside then it started to pour

So we finished up eating inside

My 3rd oldest brother - testing the Smile feature
on my camera - it won't take the shot until you smile :)

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mommanator said...

looks like good time had by all, and the food looked great.