Thursday, 27 August 2009

Garden update

When we decided to put int he vegetable gardens earlier this summer, I let my husband decide what he would put it - I did however tell him he had bought too many tomatoes.

Come harvest time - probably another month since we planted so late, we are going to have TONS of tomatoes.

I have already researched how to freeze them as there is no way we can eat or give away that many tomatoes. The big ones at least can be made into sauce but he also have about 8 cherry tomato plants out there somewhere.

My clematis is not looking like it will make it :(

Front garden a couple weeks after we planted it
One of the vegetable beds several weeks ago
Other bed a several weeks ago

The veggies beds a couple weeks later

Cilantro plant

I had planned to post pictures of the vegetable garden as they look today but the battery on my camera is dead. Will post more recent ones this weekend.


mommanator said...

lovely job on the plants and gardeniing. I didnt realise how small your sone was till saw him in back of plants or is it an optical illusion?

Kim said...

It's that the plants are huge! J is about 4.5 feet tall - the fence behind him is 6 feet.

Anonymous said...

Jealous of your cilantro plant - I love cilantro!

Great job!