Friday, 20 November 2009

Nov To Do List - Mid Point

What I have accomplished to date - I still haven't done most of the old stuff...blah.
  • Put all clean clothes away - we have a blanket box somewhere under the mound of clean clothes in our bedroom. Stuffing it all in the closet counts as putting it away right?
  • Do a pantry & freezer inventory
  • Plan meals on what I have in the freezer & pantry
  • Rip all plants out of garden - started
  • Work as many hours as possible (even if it is boring and there is nothing to do) money is money!
  • Deep clean ensuite bath - it really needs it but as I am the only one who uses it, it is easy to put off. Well it's semi-clean - had window guy come to measure window that needs replacing so had to clean somewhat.
  • Clean office - getting very cluttered
  • Finish Bright Hope quilt blocks (fabric to be cut and then pieced - 8 blocks)
  • Finish sewing rag quilt and clip fringe
  • Bake banana muffins to use up dead bananas in freezer (I think they are multiplying)
  • Look into hiring a cleaner to come in once a week to do bathrooms and floors
  • Book dentist appt for J
  • Book ortho xrays for J
  • Book cleaning with dentist for me (Urgh!)
  • Book haircut
  • Get quotes to replace 2 windows
  • Clean out hall closet and freecycle what we don't need
  • Get K to vacuum out old furniture so friends can come take it for their basement (and get it out of my house!)
  • Lose 5lbs
  • Attempt pumpkin pie from scratch with J
New to list
  • Work on J's striped crocheted blanket
  • Buy new low-heeled dress boots for winter. Also bought new black pumps and heeled full shoes.
  • Design baby quilt
  • Start baby quit (kind of early)
  • Mail Tree Decoration Swap to partner (once I find out who it is) by Nov 12th
  • Find & buy new foundation that doesn't make me break out. Also bought concealer, powder, foundation brush and tinted lip moisturizer.
  • Plan Christmas cookie baking - bake ahead & freeze what I can (any suggestions?)
  • Start Christmas shopping - got gift cards for all kids other than my son. Got son several gifts too.
  • Process 2 remaining pumpkins into pumpkin puree & roasted seeds

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