Sunday, 1 November 2009

Oct To Do List - Final Results

In addition to what I previously completed, newly completed tasks are in yellow below.
  • Put all clean clothes away - we have a blanket box somewhere under the mound of clean clothes in our bedroom.
  • Do a pantry & freezer inventory
  • Plan meals on what I have in the freezer & pantry started
  • Rip all plants out of garden - started
  • Buy J a new winter coat & hat
  • Buy J new soccer shoes
  • Buy J some long sleeved shirts, sports pants & long johns
  • Work as many hours as possible (even if it is boring and there is nothing to do) money is money! This didn't happen between the kid & I being sick.
  • Deep clean ensuite bath - it really needs it but as I am the only one who uses it, it is easy to put off.
  • Clean office - getting very cluttered
  • Finish Bright Hope quilt blocks (fabric to be cut and then pieced - 8 blocks)
  • Buy sashing, binding & backing fabric for Bright Hope quilt
  • Finish sewing rag quilt and clip fringe
  • Bake banana muffins to use up dead bananas in freezer (I think they are multiplying)
  • Make chili and freeze for lunches
  • Make taco lentils & rice and freeze for lunches
  • Look into hiring a cleaner to come in once a week to do bathrooms and floors
  • Book dentist appt for J
  • Book ortho xrays for J
  • Book cleaning with dentist for me (Urgh!)
  • Book haircut & brow waxing (before they merge!)
  • Get quotes to replace 2 windows
  • Clean out hall closet and freecycle what we don't need
  • Post J's outgrown clothes on freecycle
  • Get K to vacuum out old furniture so friends can come take it for their basement (and get it out of my house!)
  • Finish crocheting striped blanket and tuck in all colour-change ends
  • Lose 5lbs (not even close!)
  • Attempt pumpkin pie from scratch with J
  • Change sheets to flannel
So it looks like many of these items will get moved to the November To Do List :D

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