Monday, 4 January 2010

Freezer Inventory

Well I finally got around to doing my freezer inventory - we have 2 chest freezers and the fridge freezer. My husband hunts, hence the 2 freezers. I didn't even bother including any of the game because I don't know what is what and I don't really eat any of it.

My gosh we have a ton of meat!

My hubby is a big meat eater and bought several prime rib roasts (he calls them thick cut steaks but I still say they can feed 2!) when they were on sale. He still has 8 in the freezer.

We have enough meat for 54 meals! Some of those will definitely have leftovers too. And since we don't always HAVE to eat meat, I think we should be set for at least 2 months.

Gil at That British Woman mentioned a pantry challenge she is doing and I think I will give it a go as well.

I will have to buy things like milk and produce.

I think I should try my hand at baking bread again while I am home.

We also have 5 packages of English muffins in the freezer (my husband goes a little overboard when he sees a good sale :))

Now I have to get organized and plan meals - I took ground beef out for tomorrow. I am thinking of making Szechuan Noodles with Spicy Beef.

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