Monday, 4 January 2010

Holiday Update

Here goes my long overdue Holiday post - I am slowly starting to feel better, all except for this cough that is reminiscent of my smoking days.

Peanut wants to wish you all a belated Happy New Year!

(If you want to see ALL the attempts to get
this shot above - scroll to the bottom.)

The kid & Peanut (twins no?)
We bought our Christmas tree on Dec 20th. We decorated it on Dec 21st - we get a fresh tree so once it is put into the stand, you have to let the branches fall as it was wrapped tight to bring it home.

Here it is before we decorated it.
(Note the height against the window)

On the morning of Dec 21, the kiddo and I decorated it. It was hubby's birthday so we had friends over for dinner that night. After dinner we were sitting around chatting when all of a sudden there was this loud crash - the tree had fallen down. It was a pretty tall tree - maybe 8 feet.

It was also covered in glass Christmas decorations - which were now smashed all over the floor mixing with the water from the tree stand - all over our hardwood floors. The angel's porcelain head didn't make it either. With the helps of our dinner guests we go the mess cleaned up. Sadly none of us thought to take a photo for the blog.

The next day hubby cut a couple feet off the bottom of the tree and after a shopping trip to buy more glass ornaments (50% off at least) we redecorated the tree.

Here it is, shorter and redecorated.
(Again note the window)
New Angel

We had a nice Christmas day at home just the 3 of us - Papa has gone away for the holidays.

I decided I am sick of turkey so K had steak and J & I had chicken breasts for dinner.

For Christmas I got Stephen King's Under the Dome - while I enjoyed it, I was a tad disappointed at the ending.

On Boxing day we had a gang of friends & family over. It was a great get together.

(everyone really was more festive then they look in these photos :)
On the 27th we went to my brother in-law's house for a get together there.

A couple days later I woke up with a sore throat and have been feeling crappy ever since.

There have been several hours of Xbox (on the kiddo's part), lots of naps (my part), and lots of just chillaxin (DH's part).

The time has flown by and K & J returned to work & school today.

Let the fun begin :)

P.S. All my medical tests came back completely normal, which is fantastic, but we still don't know what is causing the dizzys and the head flashes - appt with Ear, Nose & Throat Dr not until April :(

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

Peanut is adorable. Thanks for those pictures. I hope you are feeling better. Dave did'nt go to work this morning - sore throat, yikes. You had a very nice tree. Made me laugh when I saw the difference in height in both pictures.