Friday, 22 January 2010

Weekly Update

I did really crappy with the Pantry Challenge this week. I think we did take out 2 nights. One night was Swiss Chalet and they have a 6 leg quarter value meal, so we actually got 2 meals out of it.

We got our 3 new windows installed yesterday. My ensuite bath now has a frosted glass window. No one can see in, but it still seems strange to have a naked window. We will be shopping for new window coverings this weekend. I am thinking just a simple lace curtain so the light will still come through. We also have to paint the window trim as it came only primed.

I got my invite for the next baby shower - I only have until Feb 20th to make a baby quilt. I am shopping for fabric next Thursday and so have no pattern/design yet. It will be a busy few weeks in February :)

I went to buy new ink cartridges for my printer this week. A black cartridge cost $48 and a colour one cost $49! I decided to buy an entire new printer for $100 instead, which came with new ink cartridges and the refills cost $20 less each. DH will get my old printer and we will try refilled cartridges to see how they work.

Hope to get out to see Avatar this weekend. We also have to buy paint for the window sills, garage and front doors. We need to get window treatments for the 3 windows we just had replaced. They all had crappy venetian blinds, but the new windows are a slightly different size, so they won't work now.

If we buy blinds or pull down shades, we can claim a tax credit (see below), but if we buy curtains or drapes we cannot. Only permanent fixtures can be claimed. I wonder if the curtain rod is considered permanent?

In Ontario, we get a home renovation tax credit this year. We get to claim 15% on amounts over 1000 but not more than 10000. (So the 1st 1k you spend doesn't count, and the max you can claim is 9K).

I think we have about 3K we can claim. Anything we want to claim must be bought before Feb 1st, that is why we are getting the paint for the garage and front doors now, but will do the actual painting later in the spring.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gill - That British Woman said...

we are claiming the full amount for the tax credit.

I was laughing at your comment at putting Molly on the tread mill. I would have to hoover off all the dust which must be knee deep by now through lack of use!!


Gill - That British Woman said...

Kim, Status Quo was a huge group in the 70's and 80's in Britain. I wondered if anyone from this country would have heard of them, and I guess not after your comment.

I am surprised though that you have never heard of their music.

Enjoy your Sunday,


Anonymous said...
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