Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sister's Surprise Graduation Party!

I have mentioned before that my older sister went back to school September 2008 to train for a completely new career.

She finished all her courses with honours in November but still had to fulfill 600 placement hours.

So as of January 15th, with her hours complete, she is now a Developmental Service Worker.

Her best friend and I started planning her surprise party on Boxing day.

It was quite difficult to pull it off as, my sister is currently only getting part-time hours so has made herself available for any additional hours.

We told her we wanted to do a Chick Flick night, but she told us she was working on Jan 30th (the night we chose). In actuality, she was not scheduled to work, as her best friend had contacted her supervisor and confirmed that my sister would not be scheduled that night so she could attend the party. Are you confused yet? We sure were.

After schedule changes and many made up stories, we managed to get her to arrive at 3:30 this past Saturday, only a mere half hour after friends and family from near and far arrived.

She was completely surprised - so all our hard work was worth it.

Looking completely perplexed as to why we are all there.
Even after we yelled "Congratulations!"
she wasn't sure what was going on :)
She finally gets it!

The happy grad
The cake
The grad with her youngest son

About to cut the cake (that's my other sister behind her)

Opening her gift
I made her business cards
Part of the gang
Niece and her Mom, my sis in-law and niece's boy friend
My sis's best friend (host) and her exchange student
from Australia - she only arrived the night before :).
This is my friend's exchange student. Oh and my son and DH too :)
Friend & another niece
My niece, her daughter and my sister in-law
My brother and friends of my sister's
My sister in-law, my brother, my DH way in the back.
My brother, my sis the grad, my newest
great-niece, me and my brother in-law
The Grad - we are So proud of her!


Vickie LeBlanc said...

You are such a good sister Kim. That seems like a wonderful party. Sister looks pleased (after the first picture, he he).

Lucy said...

What a great thing to do for Donna. She looks so happy and Congratulations again to Donna - the star! cheers, from Lucy