Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 4 & 5 on the Beach

Day 4

Breakfast was the same as the previous 3 days, good thing I like eggs, so I don't get bored too easily.

Not as energetic today - it is cold out and I feel like hibernating. Cuddling up with a new book from the library.

Lunch: 4 ham rollups (deli ham, 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic & herb cheese split between the 4 slices of ham, top with a pickle spear & roll up) , a boile degg and a large red-leaf & romaine salad w/ red wine vinegar & EVOO.

Dinner: Leftover Crack Slaw from last night. I had to force myself to eat - didn't feel hungry at all.

Snack: Soy nuts, cup of milk

Day 5

Again same breakfast other days.

The scale says I am down a few pounds, I am sceptical, I often fluctuate 3-5lbs per day. I will wait until the end of the Phase 1 (another 9 days) for an actual total lost.

I have been making my coffees with a spoonful of instant coffee and 1/2 teaspoonful of hot chocolate mix. The mix has sugar but I am not adding any addtional sugar to my coffee, so not so bad.

Lunch: 4 ham rollups with guacamole & pickle spears & a boiled egg.

Dinner: Yet more leftover Crack Slaw.
K has a work function tonight, so I'll have the leftovers and just whip something up for J.

I've been crafting again - here are some of my recent ATCs.

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