Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mini March Break Update

Sorry I haven't posted lately. It is March Break this week and so kiddo is off school.

We went to the Eaton Centre on Monday - which I remember as being MUCH larger and more interesting when I was a teenager. Not much to do there now. Most stores are clothing stores, so unless you are looking for clothing not a lot to do. We wandered the PATH (underground walkway system and mall) a fair amount. I didn't hav ethe best walking shoes and my feet were killing me. We still had a fun day.

On Friday we are going to Vaughn Mills. DH & J are looking forward to going to Bass Pro Sporting Goods store. I will wear my new more comfortable walking shoes :)

The tempature today is supposed to hit 18 C (64.5 F) in Toronto (will be a bit cooler out here because of the lake).

Have a good week and weekend!

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{ L } said...

Wow, the PATH sounds very intriguing! We just had our spring break too and it was very relaxing. Enjoy!

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